Behind the Lens

From florescent lights, TV screens, light fixtures, children at play to major events and risqué dancers, Denver Colorado native Chad M. Julius offers us random and open images that give us a small glimpse of the soul that he places within in each he captures. He has said that he does not see things differently, just for what they are, at that very moment.

Chad utilizes basic overall equipment to capture all images. Digital images are taken with care while professional editing is utilized at times and when requested by clients. Chad has the skill set to work with old style images to the sophisticated digital images and programs used today. He enjoys the thoughts and visions of what others see within his work. “I love to hear what others feel, think, and see in my work. It’s a big rush when someone else is open enough to make their own decision about a piece, regardless of a title or what something else tells them to see.”

Chad currently operates freelance via his family owned and operated business, AF Photos LLC, which was established in 2003 and specializes in ALL areas of digital image capturing, achieving, marketing, design, consultation, professional portfolio development, portrait collections, erotica, atomic retro, Pinup and full contemporary services. “I don’t like to pose a subject or model. I create the atmosphere, and then capture genuine moments that reflect beauty in realism.”

Contact Chad and AF Photos as he is open and willing to make your ideas and needed images the art you want for life. He loves what he does and to share it with others. “I capture the angles that make life beautiful!”